Minneapolis Clinical Trials

Clinical trials requiring participants with liver impairment

At Nucleus Network in Minneapolis, we are always looking for clinical trial participants with liver impairment. You will be reimbursed for your time, and you can help advance medicine & improve lives.

At the Nucleus Network clinic in Minneapolis/St. Paul we have a long history of conducting clinical trials with people who have liver impairment.

These clinical trials play a vital role in the development of new medication. Without them, people with liver impairment might not receive the correct dose of medication. We are always looking for new participants!

Benefits of taking part in one of our clinical trials include:

  • We compensate participants up to $350 per day for their time
  • High-end medical care and free medical monitoring throughout each trial
  • You will have access to WiFi, TVs, games, and we provide free, tasty meals during your stay at the clinic
  • The knowledge that you are helping to advance medicine and improve lives. The trials that we conduct play an essential role in the development of new medication.

Does this sound like something for you (or somebody you know)? Please give us a call on 612-315-6490 or register your interest below.

  • Study name Free Health Screening
    • Age: 18-75 years old
    Status Currently Recruiting
    Overnight stays 0 nights
    Outpatient visits 1 visits
  • Study name 2307 Treatment Study
    • Age: 18-75
    • BMI: 17.5-42 kg/m2
    • Compensation: Up to $4850
    • Population: Moderate liver impairment
    Status Currently Recruiting
    Overnight stays 7 nights
    Outpatient visits 4 visits

Frequently asked questions about our liver impairment clinical trials

Why do you need participants with liver/hepatic impairment?
What is included in the free medical monitoring?
What level of liver/hepatic impairment are you looking for?
I have a history of alcohol/substance abuse, can I take part in a clinical trial?
Will study participation affect my liver function?
I don't have liver/hepatic impairment, can I still take part in a clinical trial?
I don't have transportation, how do I get there?

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