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COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Recruiting Participants

Volunteer Helen said she put her hand up because she wanted to help "get the world back to normal".

Are you interested in participating in one of our COVID-19 Vaccine studies? We are actively looking for participants in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Our Unique Offering

Nucleus Network is the only Phase 1 clinical research organization in the world to have Phase 1 facilities located in Australia and the USA. We are Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical research organization and one of the few specialized units in the USA capable of delivering Phase 1 hepatic and renal clinical trials.

Nucleus Network is uniquely positioned to help administer your clinical trial with our four key advantages:

In excess of


Phase 1 clinical trials conducted

More than


years’ experience conducting Phase 1 clinical trials



Phase 1 clinical trial beds

Access to over

7.5 million

total population across Brisbane and Melbourne (Australia)

As well as

3.5 million

total population across Minneapolis – Saint Paul (USA)

Hosted over


sponsor audits, including FDA and EMA regulatory inspections

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