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We are the world’s first and only multi-site, multi-country Phase 1 clinical trial specialists with Phase 1 facilities in Australia and the USA

Spanning three cities—Brisbane, Melbourne and Minneapolis—we are unmatched in our capabilities, experience, and ability to offer specialized Phase 1 facilities for early phase clinical trial designs. This is great news for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and CROs around the globe.
Our Phase 1 facilities are strategically co-located within prominent Australian Hospitals or within a Life Sciences and Biomedical Research Precinct, and each of our facilities have the necessary security and equipment to safely conduct the most complex of early phase clinical trials. This includes:

  • Telemetry equipment.
  • Nurse call bell system.
  • Walled oxygen and suction.
  • Medical emergency resuscitation trolleys.

All housed whithin a secure video surveillance facility.

The Phase 1 facilities also include dedicated in-house sample processing laboratories and in-house pharmacy clean rooms.

Our Brisbane Facility

Our Brisbane facility is Australia’s second-largest Phase 1 clinical trials facility, housing a total of 60 beds.

Specializing in vaccine and biosimilar studies, our Brisbane facility has purpose-built infrastructure to support the high-volume participant and outpatient requirements of these clinical trial designs. This facility is also supported by external bioanalytical and pharmacodynamic laboratories. The Brisbane facility features:

  • Strategic c-location within the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (a 900-bed hospital).
  • Specialization in Biosimilars clinical trials.
  • Challenge Models (including Malaria and Group A Streptococcal).
  • First in Human Patient (including oncology) capability.
  • First in Human Vaccine clinical trials.

Our Melbourne Facility

Our Melbourne facility is Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical trials facility in the country, housing a total of 94 beds.

Specializing in first in human clinical trials, our Melbourne facility has extensive pharmacodynamic biomarker capabilities, including on-site access to imaging facilities, respiratory facilities (bronchoscopy suites), gastroenterology facilities (endoscopy suites) and anaesthetic services (lumbar punctures and pain models).

Pharmacodynamic capabilities also extend to immunology services (including flow cytometry and immune activation) and bioanalytical services through onsite external vendors. Other benefits of note include:

  • Co-location within the Alfred Hospital (800 bed hospital).
  • Drug-Drug Interaction studies.
  • First in Human healthy volunteer.
  • First in Human patient (including oncology).
  • Ethnopharmacology (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
  • Thorough QT/QTC (TQT).

Our Minneapolis Facility

Our Minneapolis 50 bed Phase 1 facility is located in the heart of the Minneapolis metropolitan area and specializes in the conduct of healthy studies as well as complex patient studies, including onsite dialysis for patients with severe renal impairment.

The long-term partnerships with private clinicians and speciality groups throughout Minnesota provides us with unique access to various patient populations not readily available in other Phase 1 facilities. This capability, coupled with healthy volunteer expertise, make our Minneapolis Phase 1 facility an ideal location for conducting early phase clinical trials. Other benefits of the facility include:

  • Co-located within the University Enterprise Labs (UEL) and Medical Alley.
  • Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI).
  • First in Human healthy volunteer.
  • First in Human patient.
  • Patient specialization including renal and hepatic patients (mild/moderate/severe).

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