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Recruiting for Phase 1 Clinical Trials During COVID-19 restrictions

A successful clinical trial requires many things, but perhaps the most resource-intensive element is the timely recruiting of an adequate number of suitable, reliable participants that meet the protocol guidelines. This is even more important when the trial needs to target patients with conditions or specific genetic backgrounds.

With the pandemic reducing the volume of international travellers that had previously formed a large portion of the participant pool, Nucleus Network pivoted to target other demographics to fill the participant cohorts for their clinical trials. Whilst not without its challenges in an unpredictable and unchartered market, Nucleus has proceeded with delivering recruitment volumes at a rate equal to or exceeding the pre-COVID level.

In this webinar, we will be discussing initiatives implemented in adapting to the “new norm,” as well as the outlook in Australia for healthy volunteer recruitment in a restricted market.
Speakers from Nucleus Network will include CEO Cameron Johnson, Business Development Director Jeffrey Wong, and Communications Director Mari Ericksen.

This webinar's key topics are:

-Australia is open for business for Phase 1 and scaling up medical research capacity.

-With facilities in the USA and Australia, Nucleus Network can offer integrated, multi-site trial capability.

-Interest in medical research is higher than ever in the general public and harnessing this for clinical trials requires a new approach.