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Webinar: Branching Out in the Area of Genetic Neurology Collaborating with Australian Clinical Trial Experts

Join Nucleus Network CEO Cameron Johnson and Praxis Precision Medicines Senior Medical Director Gabi Belfort for a discussion on the growing field of genetic neurology, with a focus on therapeutic discoveries, innovations in Phase I trials and leveraging the expertise of Australian-based experts and clinical trial providers.

Inspired by breakthroughs in the genetics of epilepsy, Massachusetts-based Praxis Precision Medicines is focused on both rare genetic epilepsies and more common central nervous system (CNS) disorders. To bring their innovations through the first phase of discovery and validation, Praxis sought the expertise of Australia’s largest Phase 1 clinical provider, Nucleus Network.

The discovery of gene variants that cause epilepsy has been led by a group of world-class academic researchers in Melbourne, Australia. It was this hotbed of epilepsy and genetics leaders that first attracted Praxis to Melbourne. However, when the company began to explore where to conduct their initial Phase 1 studies, they were grateful to find Nucleus Network in the same city, with just the right expertise and capabilities. Moreover, with a population of over 5 million, Melbourne has been an ideal location for Praxis’ studies. According to Praxis Senior Medical Director, Dr. Gabi Belfort, Nucleus Network offered an excellent solution for even highly technical studies involving the monitoring of brain waves by electroencephalography (EEG).

One critical study that was conducted at Nucleus involved measuring the pharmacodynamic effect (on EEG) of one of Praxis’ lead molecules in a multiple ascending dose study. The data collected in this study facilitated dose selection for a subsequent trial in patients with a psychiatric disease. Following on from the success of these initial trials, Praxis will be undertaking a titration study with Nucleus Network for another therapeutic, which may be useful for treating epilepsy or movement disorders.

“We keep coming back to Nucleus because of quality, speed and safety,” says Dr. Belfort. “We can get to trial realisation much faster and the quality of data produced is world-class, without any compromise on safety.” He continued to say “Add to this the R&D rebate and the favourable exchange rate, and it’s a compelling case to conduct the bulk of our Phase I trials in Australia.”