Multiple upcoming clinical studies with varying lengths of commitment

4 to 8 nights
11 visits

There are multiple studies starting with 2 or 3 inpatient stays, ranging from 4 nights to 8 nights.

Studies will include, screening period, confinement, and outpatient visits.

Reimbursement for study participation time ranges from $4,900 - $8,000

Call Vanessa: 763-453-1011 or William 763-453-1075


Age: 18-60
BMI: 18-30.5
Medication: No prescription medication use
Contraception: Using hormonal, non hormonal contraception, and agreeable to use a second barrier method
Smoking Status: Non-smokers, non-vapers or smoking less than 5 cigarettes (or equivalent) per week
Compensation: Ranges from $4,900 - $8,000 for study completion