Purpose: to evaluate the safety and tolerability of a potential new drug for the purpose of treating ER+/HER2 breast cancer.

3 stays each 8 nights
1 visits

Participate in a clinical study of a potential treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

This study has 1 screening appointment and 3 stays each 8 nights/ 9 days.

Reimbursement for study participation will be provided for time and travel of up to $12,529.

Participants will dose 3 times in this study to evaluate different tablet formulations in fed conditions.

This study has been reviewed by an Institutional Review Board.

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Participants: Male participants, and/or female participants of non-childbearing potential
Age: 18 +
BMI 16-32kg/m2
Medications: Not on any prescription, non-prescription, dietary, vitamins, and/or herbal supplements (birth control is allowed) for at least 7 days before the first dose
Smoking Status: You should not have smoked tobacco or used nicotine containing products for 24 hours prior to dosing
Study Duration: 3 inpatient stays of 8 nights and 9 days separated by 14 days
Compensation Up to $12,529