Participate in a clinical study to measure in healthy participants the blood levels of an investigational study drug

2 Stays of 8 nights nights
12 visits

Purpose: to measure the blood levels of an investigational drug and its metabolite (the by-product that remains after the body has broken down the study drug) in the body after oral dosing in healthy participants

This study has two in-clinic overnight stays of 8 consecutive overnight stay in house at our St. Paul facility plus 12 outpatient visits

Reimbursement for study participation time and travel of up to $8,310

This study has been reviewed and approved by an independent ethics committee.

Call William 763-453-1075


Age: 18-60
BMI: 18.5-30.4 kg/m2
Medication: Be willing and able to not take prescribed or over-the-counter medication (including vaccinations and herbal medications) within 14 days before Day 1, excluding acetaminophen & ibuprofen
Smoking Status: Be willing and able to not use nicotine or nicotine-containing products for 1 month before dosing and during the study.
Compensation: $8,310