Nucleus Network is investigating a potential new treatment for second degree burns.

2 nights
2 visits

Participate in a clinical study of a potential treatment that may improve wound healing in second degree body burns.

This study has 1 screening appointment and 2 nights/ 3 days inpatient stay and 1 follow up visit.

Dose Administration: IV infusion

Reimbursement for study participation will be provided for time and travel of up to $1,790.

This study has been reviewed by an Independent ethics committee.

Call 612-315-6490 to discuss your eligibility today!


Age: 18-65
BMI: 18-32 kg/m2
Medication: No OTC medications for 7 days prior to dose until the end of study
Smoking Status: Non-smokers or people smoking less than 10 cigarettes, 3 cigars or 3 pipes per week and be able to refrain while in the unit.
Dose Administration: IV infusion
Compensation: up to $1,790