Participate in a clinical study of a potential treatment for atopic dermatitis.

3 nights
12 visits

Purpose: to evaluate the safety and tolerability of an investigational medication for chronic inflammatory skin disease.

  • There is one screening appointment.
  • There are 3 dosing periods with separate admissions. The first dosing period has 5 overnight stays at the CRU, the second and third dosing periods have 3 overnight stays at the CRU. You will not be able to leave the CRU during these times.
  • 12 planned follow-up visits.

Reimbursement for study participation will be provided for time and travel of up to $14,150.

This study has been reviewed by an independent ethics committee.

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Age: 18-65
BMI: 17.5-30.5 kg/m2
Medication: You must not take any medications (including over-the-counter medications, such as medications for cold or allergies, antacids, herbal supplements, St. John’s Wort, minerals, or vitamins) within 7days before the first dose
Contraception: Hormonal methods of birth control are allowed
Compensation: Up to $14,150 for study completion
Smoking: You must not use tobacco or nicotine containing products in excess of the equivalent of 5 cigarettes per day
Study Duration 541 Days