Participate in a Trial

Participant Journey

7 steps to get involved in a clinical trial

1. Online Registration

Bravo! You have taken the first step to taking part in a clinical trial. It only takes a few minutes to give us some details about yourself; this helps us make contact with you again for any future studies you might be eligible for.

2. Phone Screening

A Recruitment Officer will be the first person you speak with. They are here to answer any of your initial questions—as well as asking some of their own to assess your eligibility. If you are suitable, they will book you in for an appointment at one of our clinics to meet the medical team.

3. Informed Consent

At the clinic, you’ll first have a one-on-one meeting with one of our doctors. They will answer all of your questions and will talk you through the Participant Information and Consent Form. Once you've signed the consent form, you will move through to medical screening.

4. Medical Screening

During the medical screening (which typically happens the same day you sign the consent form), our clinic team will take a range of measurements, including weight, height and blood pressure. They will most likely take some blood and possibly urine samples for analysis.

5. Inpatient Participation

If your screening results meet the trial requirements, you’ll be invited to take part in the trial. During the in-patient stay you’ll be given the trial therapy and monitored regularly. All you need to do is kick back, relax and enjoy your stay with us. We’ll take care of the rest. Easy.

6. Outpatient Visit

Following your stay with us, we may need you to attend some follow-up out-patient appointments, where you’ll continue to be monitored until the end of the study. We’ll let you know how frequently we’ll need you in at the beginning of the study.

7. Reimbursement

While we know you are doing this because you are awesome and want to make a difference, it’s only right that you are compensated for your precious time. Depending on the study, reimbursement is up to $600 per day.

As a clinical trial participant, you are reimbursed for your time, travel expenses, parking, and inconvenience. This includes a reimbursement for your screening visit of $150 to $250.

If you are deemed to be ineligible after your screening visit due to a medical result, you will receive this screening reimbursement within a month of your screening appointment.

Read the terms & conditions to learn more.

If you live to the west of Melbourne, our screening clinic in Geelong may be more convenient for you. You can attend your screening and outpatient follow-up visits there, so you only have to go to Melbourne for your inpatient stay. You can learn more about the benefits of screening at the Geelong clinic here.

Do you want to know more about what a day in the life of a participant looks like? Then check out our Participant Information Page!

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