Brisbane Clinical Trials

The Level Study

The study drug is a potential new treatment for urea cycle disorders (UCD).

5 x overnight + 3-night nights
1 visits
  • Study Objective:
  • To evaluate the efficacy of a new treatment aimed at enhancing the conversion of ammonia to urea in patients with urea cycle disorders (UCD).

  • Understanding UCD:
  • UCDs are a collection of genetic anomalies that disrupt the normal conversion of ammonia into urea, resulting in elevated ammonia levels in the body, which can cause significant health complications.

  • Importance of Prevention:
  • Managing ammonia levels is crucial for individuals with UCD. Current strategies include dietary protein restriction and ammonia-lowering agents.
  • However, the development of additional treatments is essential for improved health outcomes.

  • Clinical Trial Details:
  • An independent ethics committee has approved this clinical trial.
  • Participants will be reimbursed for their time

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Biological Sex Male or Female
Age 18 – 55 years old
BMI 18 - 32 kg/m²
Weight <110kg
Medical History No significant medical history
Medications Not taking any prescription medication (except for hormonal contraception)
Smoking History Non-smokers and casual smokers only (<5 cigarettes/week)