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The High Blood Pressure Study

The study drug is designed to reverse fibrosis (scarring) in the organs, which can lead to various heart, kidney, and lung diseases. It is hoped that this might be a new treatment for heart and kidney failure.

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The study drug is an oral capsule that mimics the role of a peptide hormone called Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP), which naturally occurs in the human body. The study drug is designed to reverse damage to the organs caused by scar tissue.

If this study drug proves to be a successful treatment for fibrotic damage to the organs, it could provide more treatment options for patients with kidney or heart failure. For patients with kidney failure, it could lead to a reduced need for dialysis and transplantation. For patients with severe heart failure, it could prevent the need for heart transplants.

The trial has been approved by an independent ethics committee and participants will be reimbursed for their time.

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Biological Sex Healthy males or females with mild to moderate hypertension, who have never used blood pressure medication
Age 18 - 59 years old
BMI 18 - 32 kg/m²
Medication Not taking any medication
Medical History No significant medical history other than hypertension
Smoking History Non-smokers and social smokers only (<5 cigarettes per week)