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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

Earn rewards when you refer your friends or family to Nucleus Network.

How to get your $500 refer a friend bonus

  1. Tell your friends about who we are and the amazing things we do here at Nucleus Network, then send them this link.
  2. When your friend registers their interest, make sure they mention your name as their referrer (this part's really important, otherwise you won’t get your bonus!).
  3. After your friend participates in one of our studies, you’ll receive $500 into your bank account.

Why should I refer a friend?

You earn rewards:
For every friend you refer, you earn money when they participate in a study.

Your friends think you’re awesome:
Not only will your friends be amazed by your commitment to helping medical research, but they will also be reimbursed for their participation!

You’ll feel great:
You and your friends can feel great about assisting the development of some groundbreaking new medical treatments.

Read our referral terms & conditions.