Participate in a Trial

Participate for a Mate

Nearly 1 in 2 Australians has a chronic illness. Chances are you have a mate or family member affected.

We’re looking for healthy people like our participants Shannon, Matthew, Sheen, Charlotte… to participate in clinical studies to help advance medicine and provide more affordable medicines similar to those already available.

And, our research shows the top motivation for people to participate is to help a family member or mate suffering from a condition and to make an impact to medical research.

Our clinical studies are ethics approved and our participants are reimbursed up to $360 per day for their time.

Plus, you can meet lots of like-minded people while in the clinic. Not to mention our amazing high speed Wi-Fi (perfect for study or even gaming) .

If you’re healthy and over 18 years, sign up and we can talk you through the process.


"I definitely felt safe, I definitely felt cared for."


"I've never heard of anybody doing a clinical trial before, and I just thought to myself 'You know what, why not give it a go?'"


"It felt like I was making a contribution to society in my own tiny little way. It was very self-fulfilling."


"It was quite spacious, the bed was so comfortable, the facilities—nice internet, nice TV, a lot of the meals I was actually feeling like a five star hotel experience, and I didn't have to cook or clean."


"My family was actually really excited, it was my Mum who suggested doing this"


"The trial that I participated in had a medication that was going to be used with cancer patients, so for me, I've had a lot of family members that have experienced cancer, so this felt like an indirect way that I could help them."


"The clinic was a great place to stay and meet new people of a similar mindset. I made new friends that I still keep in touch with."


"Throughout the whole process they would tell me what they were doing so I was aware and had all the information I needed. I was able to ask as many questions as I liked, and they actually encouraged that and they would answer all of them."


"I felt very safe there, I'm surrounded by people who are medical professionals. They're always checking up and making sure you've got no issues, answering questions you've got."


"If somebody came up to you and said, "Would you like to help improve this person's life? It won't take much of your time and you'll be paid for it." Why would you say no?"


"If it helps somebody else out and it had the potential to change the world for even just one person, one child, one mother, one father, one sister, one brother, that still feels really special to me."


"All the staff have been trained professionally and the nurses are ready 24 hours and they are very friendly. What I love most about it is that you've got flexible hours if you do have an online study course"


"The trial I most recently did was something like a biosimilar trial I think it's called. What that is is there's an existing drug and they're replicating it... but the value of it is that it might become more readily available at a more accessible price to the general public."


"I have people in my close family that suffer from arthritis, so making sure that they are able to get medication at a more affordable rate and that is safe for them to use is a massive thing for me."


"My friends were all supportive and impressed. They all thought it was a great thing to do and they were all asking about it... I hope that I've encouraged some of them to follow my path and participate in a clinical trial as well."


"I was made to feel very comfortable by the medical professionals who explained everything to me, and on the day when it came down to it the nurses made me feel really great and very comfortable."


"My mother herself worked in clinical trials a while ago, so when I told them they were pretty chill with it... Of course they didn't mind that I was taking part, and now that I've finished my father is taking part in a clinical trial as well."


"So naturally my friends and family were a bit concerned, but as I told them about the exact thing that I'd be receiving—plus the fact that I'd be based in a clinic right next to a hospital—then they were more reassured that I'd be receiving the best possible professional care while doing the study."