Prism Research announces name change to Nucleus Network

18th Dec 2020

Today, Prism Research, A Nucleus Network company, announced it has changed its name to Nucleus Network and will become the Minneapolis site for this international multi-site Phase 1 clinical research organization, with sister sites in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia.

This move follows the acquisition of Prism Research by Nucleus Network in 2019. At the time of the acquisition, President Jeff Cosgrove endorsed the expertise of Prism’s staff and those of Minneapolis in general, while also stating “the USA continues to have an extremely vibrant Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry and is a natural entry point for international companies like Nucleus Network to expand on their clinical trial capabilities and services.”

CEO Cameron Johnson was equally enthusiastic and said, “Nucleus Network now has the regulatory and clinical expertise in both Australia and USA to assist clients in determining the most appropriate clinical trial strategy for their early phase studies."

“The successes of the Minneapolis site have been through well-developed community partnerships in the Twin Cities, where the life sciences and health care industries continue to be the largest economic driver for the State. We see a significant opportunity to work alongside our Minneapolis colleagues to grow the business significantly over the next few years, building on the excellent capability that the team have already created and sharing best practice across the three facilities.”

What does this mean to me?

In many ways, it will be business as usual for clients, partners and participants. Our Minneapolis site will continue to provide the service, care and expertise that has become a hallmark of their success in the USA, with the added benefit of having the expertise, support and resources of a global team of industry professionals in Nucleus Network.

Clients will be able to take advantage of Nucleus Network’s multi-site capabilities through a single channel, as well as having greater flexibility in how and where the trial is implemented. Greater depth of capacity and a heightened ability to tailor our offerings to clients will also be available.

Our participants will continue to receive the excellent care and service from the same staff that they’ve come to expect from Nucleus Network in Brisbane, Melbourne and now Minneapolis.

Moving forward

Our dedicated staff, positive culture and strong leadership values will continue to be represented and supported under the Nucleus Network banner. The company values of Excellence, Customer Focus, Drive and Teamwork will become even more embodied within the business as three sites become further aligned.

We thank you for joining us as we move forward as one company name across two nations and look forward to having you join us in advancing medicine, improving lives.