Minneapolis Clinical Trials

2102 Study (Hepatic)

Participate in a clinical study of a potential treatment for various types of cancer.

4 nights
3 visits

The purpose of Study 2102 is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of an investigational treatment for various types of cancer in people with hepatic impairment compared with individuals without liver impairment.

This treatment has already been tested both in healthy volunteers and people with cancer. The goal of this study is to better understand how the medication is metabolized by people with moderate to severe liver impairment/cirrhosis. This is a vital step in the development of new medication, so that people with moderate to severe liver impairment can be given the correct dose when/if the medication is approved.

Reimbursement for study participation will be provided for time and travel of up to $1,700.

Call Jenna at 651-724-0500 to discuss your eligibility today!

Free transportation can be arranged for some visits.

This study has been approved by an independent ethics committee.


Biological Sex Male or Female
Age 18-75 years old
Medical History and Medications Stable in the opinion of the medical investigator
BMI 18 to 40
Smoking History Must smoke < 20 cigarettes per day