Brisbane Clinical Trials

The Progression Study

The study drug is a potential new treatment to delay the progression of Type 1 Diabetes.

7 nights
2 follow-up phone calls + 7 visits
  • Study Objective: To explore interventions that can slow the progression of Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Understanding Diabetes: A chronic condition where blood sugar levels are persistently high, affecting millions globally.

  • Importance of Treatment: With the number of cases expected to double by 2040, preventive measures are crucial.

  • Clinical Trial Details:
  • An independent ethics committee has approved this clinical trial.
  • Participants will be reimbursed for their time.

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Biological Sex Male or Female
Age 18 - 45 years old
Weight Male: ≥50 kg, Female: ≥45 kg
BMI 19 - 32 kg/m²
Medical History No significant medical history
Medication Not taking any prescription medication (except for contraception)
Smoking History Non-smokers or social smokers only (no more than 2 occasions in past 3 months)